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Sara J

5 ideas for Celebrating Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day!

Earth day is around the corner and this year will be the 46th year of celebrations. This year’s goal is to plant about 7.8 billion trees before the 50th earth day celebrations are marked. Being earth day, we should all strive to be eco-friendly and find ways to protect the environment.

Celebrating earth day in style

This is one of the most unique days’ on the calendar. Therefore, this day should be dedicated to keeping the environment clean. In addition, this is the day to boost our environmental conservation efforts. Some of the ways through which you can celebrate earth day and still have fun include:

1. Take earth friendly transportation

Driving is one of the most common acts of environmental pollution. With the numerous automobiles which all release dangerous fumes, the environment is always filled with contaminated air. Earth day is a day to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Therefore, it would be better if you used more eco-friendly modes of transport. Some of the eco-friendly modes of transport include: walking, skating or even riding a bicycle.

2. Use reusable bags

Instead of having numerous bags that pose a threat to the environment, it would be wise to invest in a few bags that can be reused over and over. 5-10 bags would be ideal where you keep some in the house and some in the car for use when need arises.

3. Plant a tree

Trees are some of the most important components of the environment. With the 7.8 billion target by 2020, it would be fair if only you played your part towards achieving this milestone. Participate in tree planting exercises and plant as many trees as you can. However, if you are not able to join the exercise, at least donate a tree.

4. Attend a local event

During earth day, there are numerous events are organized with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of environmental conservation. Participate in these events and you stand a chance of gaining or sharing your knowledge with others. Your participation could contribute immensely towards a worthy cause.

5. Get outdoors

By staying indoors you do not have a chance of experiencing nature. Get outside and enjoy what the environment around you has to offer. This will help you realize the importance of the environment around you hence enabling you to appreciate it and do more in terms of environmental conservation.

Celebrating earth day provides the best opportunity to reflect on the importance of the environment and also come up with new ways to avoid environmental degradation. Come 4.22.2016, let us all participate and be the change we want to see!

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