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Thank you Sara, for helping this old soccer player

I’m a soccer player and I also work from home. I spend long hours sitting followed by nights playing soccer. I have been going to physical therapy for over a year now to deal with knee, hip and back issues caused by too much sitting and stress from playing sports. Sara assessed the situation and was able to provide an ongoing massage plan to loosen my muscles and and ease my pain. Sara can tell where I’m the tightest and works those areas harder. I especially like the Myofascial Release tool that she uses, it’s works wonders on those though spots. I’m so happy I found Sara and would recommend her to anyone who want’s to feel amazing.

Angelene March 16, 2015

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Great attention to detail and a significant understanding of human anatomy

I have had the pleasure of getting to know and enjoying the massage therapy services of Sara since 2012. Upon each massage therapy session, Sara greets me with a bright smile and an eager intention to heal. At times I have been unsure about which part of my body needs the most attention. When this occurs, I am comforted by the fact that I can point to a general area and rely on Sara to find it for me. I am never disappointed by the therapy Sara performs. She has a great attention to detail and a significant understanding of human anatomy.

It is my understanding that Sara has the experience of not only performing massage therapy, but also training others to do the same. This leader type personality expresses itself in the confidence she exhibits and the consistent work she performs. I have witnessed her focus in each massage therapy session and have benefited from its effects. Whether she is socializing or quiet, each massage therapy session contains the same dependable healing results.

As a person who suffers from chronic low back pain, I have been utilizing the service of massage therapist for roughly 10 years. In those 10 years I have only come across one massage therapist that I can consistently count on to provide me with the healing I need; that one is Sara.

Andrea L March 19, 2015

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By a country mile, Sara J. is the best.

I’ve met many massage therapists and by a country mile, Sara J. is the best.

Sara’s techniques are more professional than the previous therapists I’ve encountered in chiropractic offices and spas. She is precise and has never been ineffective, unhelpful or made a condition worse. Her understanding of the human muscular and skeletal system surpasses other therapists.

I was suffering from such tight and strained leg muscles caused from years of standing on hard surfaces I could barely walk. In a few sessions of Sara’s focused and skilled work I was out of pain. Her suggestions to me regarding how to keep those newly working leg muscles in shape were accurate and welcomed.

Sara connects on a personal level with her clients, remembers what they like and need and never fails to deliver. Oh…in addition to our sessions being the highlight of my week my cats loved her, too. And pets don’t lie.

Dr. Sue Myles Ph. D March 31, 2015

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I promise you’ll be hooked for life.

Sara Johnson is the best massage therapist I have ever had. Not only is she a great massage therapist, she is a very professional woman. I’ve had many massages over the years, that were very good. Sara just takes it to another level. Please give Sara one chance.  Run don’t walk to set up your appointment.   I promise you’ll be hooked for life.  Enjoy!!!

Steve S. March 31, 2015

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