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Massage Services


  • Massage

    This deep tissue massage releases tightness and reduces pain by targeting specific areas of tension and stress.  Aromatherapy and hot towels included in every session.

    • $8060 min
    • $10090 min
    • $130120 min
  • Percussor Myofascial Release Therapy

    This technique uses a hand held tool that helps to release chronic muscle spasms and pain from superficial, deep spasms and trigger points.

    • $15add on service
  • Hot Stone

    Using the therapeutic benefits of heat, basalts stones unlock tension deep within muscles and connective tissue, melting stress for all-over relaxation.

    • $15add on service

In Home Massage

Renew Massage by Sara J offers professional MOBILE massage therapy to businesses, communities, and events throughout Southern California. We can bring all the luxury and benefits of massage therapy to the comfort and convenience of your own home, hotel, or office. We also support events of all kinds with refreshing chair massage and table massage therapies, including conventions, company and community functions, weddings, parties, and many more. Please contact us for details and rates.

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